Woman (Revealing images removed 12/15/05)

Been a while since I’ve posted anything new. Here is a woman’s face I am working on. What is the best way to make eyebrows?



I really like the face, but i would like to see the wireframe and look at your loops, (it looks like they’re good) Anyways for my suggestion for the eyebrows is that I usually put some loops going up throught the nose vertically and curve off to the left and the right, back around the face. Then I raise the faces near the eyebrow area and it makes for some nice deforming and expressive eyebrow usage.

Thanks, Carpedium OT. Here is the wireframe.


:o Looking good!! :smiley: are you going to do the whole head or just the mask?, would be nice to see you finish the whole body even, seems like you got the human form down somewhat, can’t see anything to crit on, wire looks great.

Thanks, Khnum. I am planning on making the whole head, hair, neck, and shoulders for a portrait image.


Good thing in my old dial up times I had the habit of saving images. Too bad the links to images in your previous threads are broken.

Isn’t the fold under the lower eyelid a bit too sharp? And also the line around the lips?

Very good work using that reference image. I can see her walk the streets of your cities.

Cool! Hmmm, the render got me thinking about Salvador Dali…

You are right. I detached the faces of the eyelids and lips from the face model in order to give them a different material color. I am using sub surf which looks nice, but creates texturing issues with UV mapping. If I subdivide the mesh and use smoothing she will look different. Not sure the best way to handle this. Any suggestions?

Thanks! I am looking forward to including her and some other characters in a complete project.

She looks more symbolic than real at this point. I personally like the art look, but in order to become a well rounded artist I need to master the photography look as well.

Hehe, would REALLY like to know how you made that shader. My favourite artist IS señor Dali. Cool thing to model something weird and smack some “Dali-shaders” on it :smiley:

By the way, Really good modeling there! Love the loops.

I used the default shader for the skin and just set the “spec” to zero. The lips are the same except for the color. I tweaked the default shaders for the various components of the eyes by increasing the “spec”, “ref”, and turned on ray mirror. You just have to play with the settings until you understand what Blender is doing. At that point you will be able to produce the results you are looking for more quickly.

Shaders alone will not produce the look you want. You must also consider the lighting. I am using the old stand by…yellowish white light above and blue light below the subject. Good old fashion theater lighting techniques transfer well to the 3d world. I recommend finding a book about theater lighting if you are having trouble with lighting your scenes. I recently picked up Painting with Light by John Alton. It is a reprint of the original book published in 1949. He was a successful cinematographer during the American Film Noir period. Definitely “old school” stuff, but I love it. I am looking forward to trying some of his lighting techniques once I am farther along.

tolobán, I have unioned the eyelids and the lips to the face model. It does look softer. Thanks for the comments.


You don’t need to detach the mesh to give it a new material, just assign a new one. Select the faces that you want the new mesh on, and in the “mesh” panel in the material section click “assign” and it shoudl say “2 of 2”, then go to your materials section and next to the name, add a new one and you are done. Can do up to 16 materials per mesh.

She is gorgeous but a few minor points:

1: You still have a sharp line under the eyebrows
2: The nose seems very wide across the bridge (between the eyes)
3: The nostrils are too rectangular and look a little like holes punched in a surface (they should blend more into the upper lip without a sharp ridge and their edges should encircle them a little more).
4: The tip of the nose is very rounded in profile - but maybe she really looks like that.

The interesting thing is that these things would probably hardly be noticed if it wasn’t so well modelled :slight_smile:

Thanks AndyD for the feedback. Here is the latest image:


Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions.

I tweaked her face some more. Here is a different viewing angle. Let me know if you see any areas of her face that need adjusting.


I am looking forward to using the new particle guides to give her some natural looking hair. I want my Blender 2.40! :smiley:

She looks amazing. And neither do I have anything to critisize.

Edit*** revealing images removed.


Finished her torso. Let me know if you see any problem areas. I need to fix the seam in her head. Thanks.

Nicely done. Looks really good. Can you post a wire?

Shoulder blades are maybe a bit too defined though?


Wow. You’re an amazing modeler.

Thanks for the comments BgDM and Robin. I will look at the shoulder blades. Here is the wire:

Edit image removed.

I am modeling with subsurf. Without it the mesh does not look to good.

Very nice, Erich. Here is what I see:

  • Under the lower lip, right next to the corners of the mouth I see a concavity that doesn’t look right. It is most noticeable in the first large images of the head.

  • About the body, I wonder why there are so many parallel rows of polygons in the middle of the chest and along the spine, especially since on other parts of the body you have gone really low poly.

  • I think the best and most usual way to model breasts is by making concentric rings around the nipples, connected by radial edge loops.