Woman smile (nudity)


I am creating this portrait of a woman smiling. I went through dynatopo and remesh already and now I am trying to recreate a natural expression… is getting a little better and better, but I would like some feedback from fresh eyes to improve it… thanks!!

It’s hard to judge a facial expression without eyebrows, but it looks pretty genuine. The lips seem a bit too subtle unless you’re going for an older person, but that might change when you texture it. I suggest adding textures and hair (most importantly eyebrows) before posing the final facial expression.

From the wikipedia article on “smile”

A smile is a facial expression formed primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth.[1] Some smiles include a contraction of the muscles at the corner of the eyes, an action known as a “Duchenne smile”. Smiles performed without the eye contraction can be perceived as “fake”.

I would work on adding to the eye part of the smile, when I make your smile, I don’t feel happy.

Hope this helps - Jerry

Post a gray shader and a red matcap please, it’s easyer to us take a look on minor details and the photo reference you’re using.

It looks pretty nice, but “I miss” a little bit of volume under the eyes, when cheeks go up and the under piece of eyes get pushed up and looks like a more ‘fat’ bag.

Cheecks can be a little bit more bigger to the sides, its kinda flat considering her volume arround the lips and front face, it grows just to the front.

Her mouth looks nice, but usualy thin lips are for more older people or for those who have a face without too much fatness, so this will change quite a bit the cheeks or the rest of the face, Clint Eastwood face’s explain what I mean.

The details of the neck is kinda strongh (IMO), usualy when someone have a hard detail like this, the upper body of torso also have more hard details (clavicle), but your is hard to subtle instead of hard to hard.

The back muscle (levator scapule) is also hidden and it looks line one with the shoulder (it’s what i see with this material), this mean a more front projection of the shoulders and a different front volume also (this projection will close the front body and compress her breast and the rest), so create a little difference between them will be nice for rendering (following your reference).

Her body looks fine for a clothed model, but don’t forget to add some gravity to her breast if she’s a grandma.

Whatever reference you’re using, always take a look on gray shader 3d scans or gray shader 3d models from another artists, it’s a good way to see diference between body volumes of your work and human body, follow just one photo reference can be annoying sometimes.

But we can be more precise if you show us your reference and a gray shader, also a higher resolution render, also a face render, 2000 pixels wide is a good number (IMO).

Sorry my long post and bad english.

Hi Bernardo!

I have just edited the picture to show you the effect when you show a little less the upper teeth. When you show too much the gum on the smile, it looks fake (to me). So the solution from my point of view is rising a bit the upper teethbox. Like in the right image.

I hope it helps.


Juan Antonio

hi everyone! Thank you very much for your help, there are a lot of really good advice here!

I didn’t have much time to work on this, however I decided to paint a temp color map to help with the setup of the expression, here is the result so far. Now I will start to work again on the expression… now she looks a bit… mad :smiley:

Her teeth looks mad lol, sorry but make me remember from Chesire from Alice in Wonderland, they are big and to perfectly aligned, also a little bit pushed forward, this “pushed” effect happens in real life, but is a bone structure thing, when facial bones go to the front and stretch the skin forward, i’m not sure if her bone structure follows this kind of shape, just improve it quite a bit with a reflex and a tongue, and this ‘mad’ look will disapear.

She also need some facial expressions marks, like age marks and some folded skin, you can paint them on the texture and take a look to have a better ideia of how the end result will or should look like.

And wonderful texture painting, realy, realy nice.

And off course i’ll accept a bigger image, i like to look things realy closer, it’s a problem that I have :evilgrin:

Hi Douglas, thank you really much for the feedback, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately (or rather, luckily :D) I am going on vacation this weekend, and I won’t be able to work on this project before then… so for a couple of weeks there won’t be any update. But as soon as I come back, I will work again on this project and use your advice!

PS: don’t worry, bigger renders will come! :smiley:

Enjoy your vacations for you and me and everyone else from the forum.

Thanks! I came back (all nice things come to an end :smiley: ) and I started to work again on this project.

Here is the result so far. I feel the “creepiness” now is almost gone… what do you think?

another update. The things that still bothers me is the open eye.

Typically, eyes that are open enough to see the whole iris indicate that the subject is trying to get more light than usual as in the case of fear. Your first three renders had the openness closer to the mark.

Very nice!!!