Woman wip II

(garbager) #1

Here’s the body of my female character.
I know that adomen and back still needs ALOT of improvement.
But it was late, and I wanted to stop for today.

(blengine) #2

wow, thats really good, but i think shes waaay too thin… she could hula hoop with a cheerio…ok maybe shes not that thin, but plump her up a bit ? =)

(bmax) #3

um yea, she’s a lil’ thin. but besides that she rox!
oh wait… what about her croch, it seems to pertrude a little too much (mostly downwards), if i know anything about women’s bodies… :wink:


(MoreK) #4

She’s great.

Could you share us a solid (not smoothed) model too?

(pofo) #5

Great modeling

Area around the navel looks a little strange.
Also the lower back part of the head looks a bit strange, should be flatter I think (modelled in half?).

  1. pofo

(Jolly Gnome) #6

WOW! Now, THAT’S amazing modelling :slight_smile:
But, her chest is wayyy too narrow (I don’t mean the breasts), as his her waist (around the navel)

(stephen2002) #7

ouch…not enough room for the intestines!