Woman WIP (updated 11/20)

Continuing to improve (hopefully) on my human form creation abilities, here’s an early look at a new model in progress. This took about an hour to make:


Like most of my other models began, she started out as a simple cube. The Blender 2.3 face loop feature has made a major positive impact on my modelling capabilities, especially with regards to organic modelling, which I can now do much faster and far more efficiently than before, using less subdivision/vertices. Optimal subsurfing also helps speed things along because there’s less stuff to sift visually through while nudging vertices around in blenderspace.

The first model I attempted using the new face loop tool on was the “Mystery Woman” (in the finished projects section). While that particular model had numerous flaws, this model is intended to be more realistic, although I would like the clothes and setting for this character to be sci-fi. She has no ears yet, but that will be addressed soon :wink: More to come…


Face Loop feature? Where? I want one!

Hi, Thor. It’s a feature available in Blender v2.3 in mesh edit mode. You can also do face selection and use a virtual knife to split edges. Awesomely handy stuff. If you didn’t download it already, check it out over at blender.org or blender3d.org.


I got a chance to work on the model some more today, so here’s an update:

Front view:


Side view:


No armature yet, but I’m planning on that as well. Right now I’m working on the mesh, getting all the proportions and verts just right. Her outfit will change to something futuristic once the model is finished. Her hair will probably change too.

As always, c&c are encouraged. Hopefully this is an improvement over my last human model (“mystery woman”). Thanks for checking it out.


shes got pretty flabby legs… but very nice (model, not legs)

Thanks. The vertices will be evened out some more particularly in the upper leg area, but I should have also said I’m not going for the supermodel look in this one (perfect everything). I’ve been reading 3-D Human Modeling and Animation by Peter Ratner, and it’s an excellent reference for this kind of model, as the title suggests, and gets into more subtle areas of modelling such as showing the presence of bones and muscles. It’s definitely an educational process.


Here’s an update sporting a smoother mesh and tweaked face:


She also now has eyebrows 8)

I’d appreciate feedback concerning proportions, etc. TIA


Proportionally speaking, I’d recommend lengthing her arms, shrinking her feet, and slightly increasing the size of her head. Her waist is really thin, too, but I’m not sure if that’s what you wanted or not.

Thanks for the feedback. Here’s another revision:



I think that works better… I’d still lengthen the arms a bit more. I’ve attached a pic to show what I mean…
The human elbow tends to bend near the top of the hip when the arms are relaxed to the sides. I’d scale out your arms until the elbows it the edge of the white circle.

Here’s an update closeup. New hair and outfit (neither final yet). Different lighting setup (also just experimental at this stage). She also has a name now… Galatea


So what do you think? :slight_smile:



Nope :smiley: Just standard Blender materials (blinn) and a few lights with different colors and a soft shadowlamp above the model.


Looking pretty good man. I like the new hair color.

Thanks, Modron! I’ve been experimenting with homemade hair textures (made in Corel Painter), but it all looks pretty fake each time, even with nor and alpha, so I’m considering leaving it as is (without a hair texture), at least for now until I finish the character’s details and the environment. This hairdo can always be swapped for something else later on, since it’s a separate mesh. I might even try the fiber script at some point.


Lovely face. Well done. Maybe her arms are a little long in the upper arm? Having said that I wish I had put longer upper arms on my current model.

Thank you very much, luckybreak! I’ve seen your Bug Girl, and she is amazing. You’ve put an incredible amount of work into her, and it definitely shows. She has real individuality, which can be very difficult to attain.


I finished the skeletal system tonight and am in the initial stages of checking out the mesh deformation points around the model as well as seeing how this character appears at different angles/poses. Face slightly tweaked. This one’s a little dramatic:


I wonder if it’s possible to edit meshes while in armature pose mode. When I edit the mesh while in pose mode the mesh reverts to its pre-pose mode. Anyway, I hope you like it. :slight_smile:


Thankyou heaps!.

Cool pose suits her name.
With the editing issue, I?m assuming you are wanting to tweak round joints? What I do is put a short bend animation on the joint you are working with. So say it the hip, I’d have the leg move up over 50 or 100 frames so I can keep hitting Alt-A whether I’m working on the bone positions or mesh., not quite what you are looking for but it does speed things up a lot.