Woman wip

(garbager) #1

This is my first post, I’d apreciate some comments to help me continue the work.
Thanks for the community, and long live to Blender

(dreamsgate) #2

dang, that’s good. any chance you would like to write a quick walk through on how you did it?

(blengine) #3

whoa, thats good… very smooth indeed… looks pretty perfect proportionally, are u gonna texture it?
i dont really know if anytihng needs improving(hair? hehe), its a near perfect model =)
lightings really darn good too…any post production? their looks like a soft glare?

(DreamMaster) #4

It’s damn good! You MUST write ME a tutorial! Modeling a face is my weakest area!!! 8)

(Goofster) #5

hmmm, Am I right in assuming we have another female in the blendercommunity now? (/me organizes a party)

that face is incredible. welcome to the Community, I see you’re a great asset.


(BgDM) #6

Very nice work! Very smooth and well planned out.

Welcome to the community from me too!

Keep us updated.


(garbager) #7

Unfortunately fro those who had imagined me, I’m not a girl at all, just a fan of Shirley Manson :slight_smile:
Thanks for all your support. I appreciate it.
Actually, the goal is to model an complete character from scratch to a textured lighted picture.
I’m thinking about writting a tutorial, of course, I saved several steps of the building to explain, but I won’t do it until I’ve finished the model, which can take some time (It took me 7 hours to model the head+modifications, but if I was lazy, it would take me days :slight_smile:
My desire is to participate to the commuity, by modeling pictures, creating tutorials and giving away models for personal use only (as I work with my models, they’re my intellectual property).
I can do that, but only if people are interested in. I’m not here for pride, but for a belief, that things can be done with free tools just like high end packages.
Actually, I did this work cause someone was telling me that Blender couldn’t do it. The good thing is that today this person admit that there’s no bad tool, just bad artisan.
For the soft glow, actually there’s a slight post process under GIMP, a well known trick told on this site.
I had duplicate the picture into a layer. I applied a strong blur to the layer, and I changed the opacity of the layer at 30%.
Thanks again for the comments, it warms my heart.
And I’ll do my best to return this to you :slight_smile:

(Pooba) #8

Wow! That’s really good, i don’t think the nose is bad!