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Hi everyone,
I decided to make a complete woman, fully rigged and with clothes. I have almost finished modelling her, see attached. Any tips on how to do the bellybutton?


With great skill and determination?

Her bottom does not look right. Mostly you need to add a sacrum, and it lacks the appropriate creasing under the glutes

Is it the angle? Or just what i think? Or is it my imagination?
She got REALLY long legs!!
Keep blending!

Hello and cheers for your comments. I will get to work on the bottom when I get home and look at more references. Wish me luck trying to explain to my girlfriend why i am looking at pictures of bottoms on the internet. :smiley:
The legs are very long yes. I modelled it from a reference of a cortoonish kind of character with somewhat overdone proportions, so they are supposed to be long, however I think I might have lost all perspective from looking at her so much, so it’s possible they are just too long even for a cartoonish character, another outside perspective on this would be greatly appreciated…

Taking a life drawing class can greatly help your understanding of the human form.

I have found the problem with the legs. My screen at home is wide and the legs look much shorter, on a square screen, like the one I have at work, it looks much longer and thinner.

I have shortened the legs and added more detail (tailbone, shoulderblades, navel etc as well as general tweaking all over). Have attached pics. I am now going to move on to model the head.


Have finished modelling the head now. Eyes are extra big on purpose, but something seems to be slightly off with the forehead, can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it will look better once she has hair.


It could the angle of the first image, but the eyes seem quite deep and that’ll make the orehead look as if it’s pushed out more than it should be. perhaps

I think the eyes are way too deep in the head - you can see this in the profile view.

Absollutely right, I can’t believe I missed that. I spent some time fixing that and generally tweaking things here and there, the face was generally much too pointy. Anyways here is the new and improved head. I will now proceed to put it on the body. Dont know how yet, as the number of verts at bottom of neck are way too many.


Hello, here is another update. I am still messing about with textures, hair and clothes before going on to rigging. Any suggestious would be welcome. I also just downloaded version 2.46 and there are so many cool improvements already, I just messed around with the hair for a few minutes… I know its not good yet but its better than I managed with the old particle system. BTW, if anybody knows of any tutorials of how to set up softbody clothes with the new system in 2.46 that would be real swell. (I heard it’s real usefull for animation…)


Right, here is the woman’s walkcycle, dress is made using cloth in 2.46, and she is bald at the moment, so the next step is to learn how to animate hair. Its a rig based mainly on the BSOD character animation tutorial, but with lots of IPO driven shape keys and some action constraints. No shapekeys for the knee joints yet (as you can see)


Like an idiot, I went and edited the base shape of the mesh when I had already added some shape keys. Now there is a problem with the left hand as you can see here:


dunno how to fix it, if I edit the mesh now, it only gets more messed up, I also tried edditing some of the shape keys, doesn’t work. Oh well, it’s a lesson I learned for next time.

Do you followed a tutorial or it is all your imagination? My only crit: the eyes are a bit too big, otherwise really good work

your vimeo videos are protected you should unlock that because we can’t view them

Ok, I made the vids public, it should work now.
tixy: thanks, I used a drawing of the female form for reference, and used tutorials for various aspects of the process, but she’s basically mine, I made the clothes and hair myself etc. (I will be redoing the hair though, which I’m hoping should make the eyes seem less big)

Hi, here’s an update, I am making a still image with her and just sort of keep coming back to tweak it a bit. Could use some input, I don’t know If I should use sss for the skin, and also don’t know if I should change the lighting setup, right now It’s just one hemi and one area light.


looks great, id say change the lights if you want more shadows or something, great model

Thanks for the comment. I think I’ll add a spotlight once I have a bit of an environment to cast shadow.

Forehead still looks a little weird to me, a more definite brow line might be in order. Nice armor though, I really dig those shin guards, though 1 small crit on those is the strap placement, typically the top strap would go above the calf muscle to avoid them slipping down. Other than those 2 minor things I’d say she’s looking pretty fine.