womans face

im trying to create a more or less realistic face. I started with the tutorial in the tutorial section on blender3d.org but i cant get the eyes to look even close to realistic.
Is it simply a texture which will solve the problem or do i need more detailes around the eyes or whatever it is tell me :).
And when u got another face tutorial just throw it into my face.


Well i couldn’t stop modelling and i think it’s better than before:

  • nose surgery
  • head reshaping
  • lighting
  • iris is smaller
  • eyeball is more round at the front
  • thicker eyelids
  • some other stuff (nothing major)


Looks good so far!

I would suggest you get rid of all the materials until you’ve got the modeling done. In my experience, it’s less confusing to model when all you’re looking at is the basic form, without texture.

Here’s a head tutorial that may be useful. It’s geared towards 2d work, but about half way down are a bunch of measurements that may help you with the proportions of the head (though you’ve got them fairly good right now).

You may want to study some facial anatomy such as the muscles and skull structure, as well. I can dig up some images, if you’d like…

Keep up the good work!

wire plz:)

Yes of course clean3d. I would love to see those images :). Stuff like that is always helpful.

And the mesh.


You can find reference photos if you follow the forum link to “Articles” and then to “December 2005.” Scroll to the bottom. You’ll also find a video tutorial on modeling a female face.

Here you go:

skull side view
skull front view
neck view 1
neck view 2
misc skull views
head and neck muscles

Got3d.com also has a lot of photos of human heads and bodies.

Those skull images were really enlightening thx clean3d :). I tried the thing without the textures but its less fun and as they only appear in the render (SSS ftw :yes:) it’s not that disturbing.
Its impressiv how strong tiny changes in the mesh can influence the whole impression of the skull and face.

I looked into that articles section and its quit nice stuff there (haven’t clicked on Articles till you mentioned it :o) but as they use the “face image in background method” its more about the technical stuff rather then the proportions of a skull and face which i’m looking for :slight_smile:

Changed alot and somehow the skull got smaller and smaller in the process i can’t really tell why… anyways here is the update:

  • lens of camera changed from 35 to 50
  • major skull reshaping
  • little nose corrections
  • reshaped eyes (still a bit creepy)
  • mouth scaled down in width


Here’s mr_bomb’s video tutorials that you could watch, if you haven’t already:

it looks ok, but the topology is abit werd, witch makes the render look lumpy

This is a very good start and with more knowledge you should be able to go much farther.

One of the best tutorials on eyes:


One of the simplest tutorials on making a face (Tis Japanese but should be easy to follow. You can also translate it with a search engine):


For even more anatomical knowledge I suggest you do a search for Loomis’s Figure Drawing for all it’s worth. And Drawing Heads and Hands. These are great reference books that have been made into pdf.

No update on the skull but an eyeball based on the tutorial ropsta mentioned. Its a rough look over because the videos really go deep into detail and i just pressed the fast forward button (yeah shoot me for that :p)
The best “eye veins images” search results i got at yahoo and the most images there where from http://www.flickr.com/
Oh and i took a look at the Loomie book… :woah: perfect.



  • mostly eye region!
  • skull smoothing
  • lips and nose a little bit


My 2 cents: I think the nose could use a little inflation around the sides, they look a little pressed in. I think the main reason the face shape looks a bit off is because the chin is too sharp. So then the (no idea what you call it) thing where the bottom of the jaw bone makes the skin bend or something…heh, can’t explain it.

Ok, that curve from her chin to her neck, it’s too sharp in my opinion. Hopefully you get what i mean :wink:

More eye work and they still goggle a bit. Again its really impressiv how slight changes in of a shadowareas can change very much, eg. the “black-grey-white-grey-black” gradient above the eye in the front view when you change it a bit the eyes get a total new look.
Well here are the changes:

  • hair added
  • eye shaping especially the area above them
  • shrinked the skull in height to get a more attrective impression
  • nose inflation :wink:
  • some skull smoothing (also the base of the skull i think thats what u meant noidtluom)


how´d you do the eyebrows and eyelashes. please reply

Here is a blend.
Notice the blend textures which both meshes have, the alpha value and the ray transparency. Its giving the effect of thin hairs. The rest is color, shader, lighting and of course curve guides.

The chin bone/cheek bones are lacking. You need to pull it down a bit more (they go from chin to ear right now, you need chin to back a bit to ear.).

The forehead could be pushed forward a bit. (Personal preference there.) To me, as it stands right now, there’s an African-American look to her. (Again, personal opinion.) That’s not a shape I’m very familiar with, my tendencies are toward what I know (my family, i.e.).

Oh, and I have to say… The eyes and eyelashes ROCK! I looked at your image to draw my points on… You make me jealous! :wink:

Keep up the good work!


thanks! can´t wait till she gets hair!