Woman's head

I’m a newcomer to this forums (although not to blender) and so I want to begin by saying hi to everyone. :smiley:

Without further delay, here is the image


I’ve been working on this head for about five months now and although there are still some issues with the face I consider it finished already. 8) It is subsurfed.

What bothers me is the hair. I did it using strips of quads thinking it would be easier to arrange it but then I realized this was not the case. Also, as the strips are flat, they look good from certain angles but not from others (look at the top, you can actually count the strips). Also it is very difficult to give it more volume. The only thing I could think to addess this was to “layer” strips one on top of another. As it stands now it has six layers of hair and it stills looks thin. Also the layering makes combing her hair almost impossible. :frowning:

So i’m asking for some advice ¿Anyone has had a similar problem?

IT’s a good start! Maybe make the hair less mmm solid? Make it, well, have more threads you know what I’m saying?

And uh that lip looks like it’s very crappy and dry. :confused: Smooth it then I’d think it is smooth and is a normal lip. Other than that… I think you’re off to a good start.

Hi there Batou! I don’t see anything wrong with the modelling but I think the lip problem could be the texture; either’s too low res or it’s stretched…Speaking of textures, did you use textures for the eyes? if so, I remember seeing an eye modelling tut recently, try a search in the news forum…

the face is very expressive, especially the eyes! The lips may not look the way you’d like, but they look fine to me. it’s as though she is living somewhere cold, and used a light shade lipstick instead of lip balm…I see what you mean with the hair, but I’ve never tried to model hair (ever) so I can’t help you there
also like the detailing of the freckles.
great head.

Very nice job! The skin is great, but the lips look a bit chapped.

It’s a nice effort! I’m working on something similar, but haven’t begun on the hair (still doing skin textures)
You could try doing some ‘strands’ as linked copies, so they layer on top of each other, shifted slightly. That way, you could modify the shape (I assume that’s what you mean by comb) one of them, or even link it to an armature, and have the others underneath it move at the same time.
Say you had 4-5 linked layers like this for the larger parts that are on top, this might give you some volume/control.

That is a beautiful face. And those eyes make it really vivid.

The lips texture needs improvement though. Less bumpiness would let it look smoother and not so dry. That light red lipstick doesn’t look good to me. I’d prefer a little darker shade of red. Moreover it goes beyond the edge of the lip as if the woman applied it very hastily in the morning (which I doubt :wink: ).

For me the shape of the hair is okay. But the highlight makes the hair look too greasy to me. Maybe lowering the specularity would give it a nicer look.

Excellent head model.

I agree with everything that has been said already, so I have nothing else to say. :slight_smile:


¡Thanks to everyone for your comments! :smiley: I’m so glad you liked it so much.
Actually, the part i worked the most on was the expression, as it is(in my opinion) the most difficult thing to achieve. Right now i’m working on her body.

Yes, the lips look bad :frowning: That was due to my stubbornness to give it a high level of bumpyness, despite that my brother had already told me not to do so.
I have it fixed now. I will post some more rendered shots as well as a wireframe so you can all see how the hair was done. :wink:

you know an optimized/shaded wire would be much more usefull pointing out errors in the model…

most has been said, but I did notice the ear (from the angle in that render at least) looks a bit odd. Check some ref’s on ears or look in a mirror :slight_smile:

Very nice face. The eyes are IMHO not “wet” enough. Maybe use any picture as reflective env-map on them. And you need specular highlight there. The lips look, like she hasn’t drank alot in the last few days.

Other than that it’s a great picture. Good work!