Women breast " This should be warning enough "

Well, I’m starting from the nipple and working my way around to the edge, how am I doing, any comment or suggestions ? Is 8 vertexs alright ?


The spell checker is down :frowning:

You could have chosen a better reference. :wink:

What you mean ?

Well, it’s just personal taste, but I like it a bit tighter and with small circular areola.

Like 10 %| The model happens to be 40. One breast is good as any other as long there’s a breast that is :wink:

Well, it’s a nice nipple. %| Can’t crit anything yet.


Like 20 to 30. 8)

why are you showing this to us? you’ve just started…there is nothing to show…(call me when you will have a naked lady ok? :wink: )

Well back onto the topic, Is it best to keep extruding till it reach the ribs ?

better until it reaches the…how you call it…“pelvic area” :wink:

lol thats the best thread i ever read.

but al-capone your breast model is round, perfect round, that is how all man love it but that is not how they are!
other wise show a model that is more complex! i mean when breast go into the torso.


I know it’s round right now, I’m just trying to make sure I’m starting out right. I want to do this one right because the last one I did was WAY to much work, because there were so many vertex. I go farther on it now and hope for the best.

ahaha look at this one, I do that a couple of months ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Need a bit more on the model before we can crit on it :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah sure! lol the tits is so huge!

hey capone, they are not hairy enough, arn’t nipples suposed to be a bit hairier?

just curious.


How old are you people ? I decide to go a different route, it gets too confusing when working with solid mesh, so I’m doing it this way right now unless there’s a better way.

yeah guys a bit of maturity please, it’s fantastic that Al’s mum is soo supportive of his artist endevours. Big prop’s to you Mrs C.

excuse the short post but,

I would STRONGLY suggest using a better reference image.

A tit is a tit, yes, but they don’t all have the same appeal.

I would suggest Veronica Zemanova as a good reference. Now there is a set of funbags.