women portraits

hello, it’s me again…If I bother you tell me?! :slight_smile:
Some imaginary portraits, ink medium.
Here, if you want to check:

Cool as. Nice stuff OTO.

I really like the girl in the 3rd column, 3rd row. She’s pretty.
Gotta say, the last portrait looks like Roger Federer with a bob hair-cut. :smiley:

I just LOVE the way you’ve done the hair, on all of them - great work, thanks for sharing.

3rd column, third row…ah, you like “high-top shampoo” girls?! :slight_smile:
Well, it’s yours ( if you want it, of course)…PM me your adress!
Thanks for the comments!

My favorite is the third column, second row.
They all have a lot of personality and individuality. Great stuff.
Bother us with more anytime you like. :yes:

nice, i love ink.
make more use of it, and get rid of the lines. they look like bad computer paint over.

Orinoco, thank you for the kind comments
You like tropical? beauty?!
The drawing its still available, if you want it, just PM me a “real” mail address ( even if this will broke my heart)! :slight_smile:

basse, please, don’t ask me to cut my hand?! :slight_smile: