women study 1

Perhaps you have seen that in the wip section.

It’s finished in the sense i won’t work on it anymore and move on study 2.

However please comments and critic, so that next one is better.
dont fear to be harsh and point the flaws. Well, praises are welcomed too :wink:


:o drules
you forgot a few things (you know what i’m talking about :stuck_out_tongue: )
the nous is too big i think…
and give her some hair please!

Wow, this is great!

But there are a few things you could improve on… The eyes are sort of creepy and glassy. The “indent” (don’t know what else to call it) on the chest around the navel looked a bit odd at first. The cheekbone looks a bit too “sharp,” but it may just be the angle (hint hint ;)). The nose around the nostrils also seems to thing, but that too may just be the angle.

Good luck with study 2! I hope it turns out even better than this one!

pretty godd…

a few things though… the abdominals aren’t really anatomically correct, not at all in fact… you should soften their limit a little bit… and the abdominals “start” under the belly and continue up to the rib cage.

the hands could be enhanced a bit too, thought they are surprising at first glance. It’s mostly in the alinement of the figers that there is a problem… most women have a more curvy contour: you should pull the small finger a little bit back…



If you are looking for a method for getting a “beautiful” face, there is a mask which was based on the “golden ratio”. Googling around for some examples, I came across this link:


which explains how to use it on a person for cosmetic surgery (:o) analysis.

However, more usefully it also provides this link:


which could easily be dropped into the background of a blender window to aid making up the face.


Lookin’ good, but that face is plain scary.

The face is indeed wrong. If you look at the wip thread, it was not so bad.

I tried to alter the shape to get something rounder, but found that it was too much work, and i could make a new model with less work. so I moved on study-2. I start with bigger ref picts, which should make things easier.

this project was only a study to improve character sculpting habilities which are one of the most difficult area to master.