women study --upper torso 21/09

2 shots of my current WIP :


please comment & critic.

on irc, it was found that the little finger is a bit long, i agree on that

The hand looks kind of thin and doesn’t look so real. It looks like they all have a same size.
Good start thos!

upper body shot :

warning polygonal nudity :


Nice work lukep.

A few crits:

a) The hair has to go. Really makes her look like a dude.
b) the chin seems to stick too far out. You may want to check the profile and have a look in that area.
c) The collar bone area seems to have too sharp of an edge. Soften that area up, but keep a level of definition so you can still see it.
d) The bottom/middle of the breasts, close to the middle of the mesh, also seems to have a harsh edge. Soften that spot up too.

The rest looks very decent. Nice work.


many thanks for the useful comments. This is really appreciated.

a) the current hairs are only a place holder to get an idea of what it will look. Final should be fem looking, dont worry. However she will have a short cut due to the background story.

b) it’s quite close to my pict ref but the shape is wrong yes. Will correct this

c) collar bone has been corrected by simplifying a lot the mesh (half vertex in this area). was clearly an error due to the edge loops building of the arm.

d) congratulations. I think you have found what was the only forgotten triangle (and a long narrow one) of the whole mesh !!! corrected

I have still the little finger to shorten too.

I will post an update later (with a wire), I’m struggling to get decent feet. those are even worse than ears. [!]

feets are done :

please comment and critic. Dont fear to point the flaws


huh. i feel qualified for this one, having spent years as an orthotic technician. ( i have seen lots of feet. )

these are some of the best i have seen sculpted. they may even be perfect reproductions, dependant on the model. but in looking at them as generic anatomic foot studies, it looks like there may be a touch too much fat over the achilles tendon, and the bone of the first metatarsal ( the knob of bone behind the big toe ) tends to protrude back a little further towards the arch, and be slightly more pronounced. but don’t feel the need to try and ‘fix’ them, they are excellent. good job.

jim ww

Many thanks for the very nice comments, even if I’m not sure to deserve such a praise.

It’s a big reward as I found those much more difficult to model than hands and ears or any other part of body. The difficulty is that the topology is very complex without strong features to hide flaws.

I will try to enhance the things you pointed, but only after correcting the other problems on upper body, the hands and detailling the rest.

some progress on the legs.

please comment and critic. dont fear to point the flaws


Hands in my opinion are just great, but foot must be a bit thinner on the sides considering the hand.


You did a great job on the feet. If you want a character with short hair, might I suggest something like this:

thanks for your answers.

Antiggo : my feeling is that the feet are almost fine (I plan a bit more arch), but that the hands need a lot of work. I’m really dissatisfied with them now. that’s what I will do after finishing detailling upper body.

L.A. : the technic I will use is similar, but the cut is very different, as it needs to fit under an helmet.

a wire is coming as soon i finish the torso

torso update :

let the comments flow.


Everything’s looking fantastic so far. Seems to be pretty acurate.

Her ears are too llow. They need to line up more with her eyes.

The shoulders need more definition. They look too cubic and don’t seem to flow into the upper part of the body.

The rest looks good.


Ahhhh! Disgusting! A man with implants!

LOL, get rid of the hair it makes her/him look like a man. Very ugly woman. But still a great job, just ugly.

I have to agree about the hair. too masculine.