Women, Toons and Gestures/Figures [some nudity]

Any critique or comments appreciated. These are a combination of digital, a few paint-over(PO in the file name as if they’re not obvious) and pencil. That non-repro photo blue is a pain to scan so I had to adjust the contrast, levels and brightness quite a bit. Some came out better than others, nobody’s perfect. Scanning from a sketchbook is a pain too. I gotta find a better way to do it.

http://www.stratt.com/drawing/newsketch20080103_PO.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/newsketch20080103a_PO.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-10.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/newsketch20080102_PO.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-11.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/newsketch20071220a_PO.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-13.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/newsketch20071220_PO.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/newsketch20080102a_PO.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/newsketch20080102b_PO.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-1.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-2.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-3.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-4.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-5.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-6.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-7.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-8.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/20080523-9.jpg

I still have the ref pics if anybody would like to see them.

They seem to be heavy on the outline.

Here’s an exercise I did in life drawing: tangents. We drew straight lines at the (hopefully) correct angle to connect the knee and the chin, the knee and the nipple, the knee and the big toe, and so on and on and on. We did many lines from each bony landmark on the body to every other landmark, and from edges (eg: back of head) to other edges (eg: back of buttock.)

As the landmark to landmark lines accumulated, many of the early lines turn out to be off and must be corrected, since you basically define the position of landmarks by the intersection of lines coming from other landmarks. So theres a big adjustment of lines phase about a third of the way in.

Once the landmarks are reasonably well placed, the tangent lines (edge to edge) wind up defining a negative space for the model to fit into. You never actually draw an outline of anything, but in the end, you can see the model, inside this cage of lines.

is this guy making any sense or is it bad choice of words man you have soem good sketches here perfection comes with practice and not bad advice keep practicing even if your on the wrong track one day youll automatically know what to do and youll do it right

one question bro why the small elfes or lapricons with hot chicks? lol some kind of fantasy? lol:D

@ blenderrenegade - Hahaha, no, that’s a dwarf from Snow White(Happy, I think) and the wizard from sword in the stone(Merlin). The cat is from The Illusion of Life animation book as well. Short guy in the wrestling singlet is my nephew, the girls though are just models acquired from throughout the net. Orinoco’s a good guy and pretty knowledgeable, I see what he’s getting at. Practice does make perfect, but I have to disagree about practicing on the wrong track eventually leading to the right one though, sometimes, maybe, but usually you just end up worse off and never improving. Thanks for the compliment though :slight_smile:

Thanks Orinoco, I was thinking the same thing about the outline, too much outline and not enough form. In the pencil drawings I was trying to get a better feel for gesture and weight, some came off ok, others still seem to float. The ones painted over we won’t talk about…

I’ve never tried the tangents, so that will be a good practice. I’ve seen people use scribbles to fill in the form, but that type of drawing doesn’t appeal to me, I prefer using shapes and building up the character starting with the basic posture or pose and going from there. Loomis’ books are a big help if you prefer drawing that way. I was trying to express the gestures in the poses, but I fear I’ve refined them too much, hence the outlines. Drawing with a pencil does give you a better sense of weight, posing and force. Things any animator should have in spades.

All after ref pictures? Hm, now you did that, try to do some life drawing, it will improve your skills much better than drawing an illustration or photo. It’ll also change the way you see things, as you have to see the masses and plastic forms instead of the flat, already given shapes on your references. At first you’ll be frustrated how bad things will look compared to the drawings you did with ref but it will definetely help you and is also more fun :slight_smile:

Could we see the all the ref pics? I really want to see the toon ref pics, because the expressions are awesome!

That’s probably a better idea. Like I said, the cartoons were from illusion of life. I was able to find some scans online, but I also have my own copy of the book which I drew from. The others are a combination of 3d.sk, characterdesigns.com and various other sites. I put some text on the disney pics to keep within fair-use, pretty sure the others are ok. I can really see my flaws now though…

http://www.stratt.com/drawing/bagheera-ref.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/chef-ref.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/happy-ref.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/merlin-ref.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/pic1.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/pic2.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/pic3.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/pic4.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/pic5.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/pic6.jpg http://www.stratt.com/drawing/pic7.jpg

One word…forms… you draw what you see but there is wrong proportion with flaws in forms.

Try to think 3d… in all proportions are off so off that everybody can notice.

See Andrew Loomis - Figure Drawing for al it worth