Wonder Woman Statue

Here’s a project I’m working on. I’m scuplting a full figure of Wonder Woman, inspired by the beautiful artwork available on Sideshow collectibles.
I intend to print it and try and paint it. Hopefully, this topic will keep me motivated and focused.
Hope You’ll like !



Why don’t you paint it then print it, it will save a lot of time.

Unless you find painting therapeutic or something.

By printing I meant 3D printing, that’s why I have to paint it after.

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I know, its just that I suck at actually using brushes, pencils and stuff like Krita but when your on Blender you can mess around with the vertices till you get something that looks right.

I mean at the end of the day you will probably show us it coloured in, I would only paint or draw something by hand if somebody is actually coming to my house or something.

But if your good at art and you don’t mind painting it then you should go for it, in my opinion its useless painting by hand.

OP is referring to 3D printing.

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Yeah I know he’s going to use a 3d cad printing machine.