Wonder woman

Hi guys, this is my latest project. Was done for a 80’s cartoons theme challenge :slight_smile: Hope you like it.

I just love it!
the textures look poor at first, but they’re actually great, amazing cartoony look, congrats! I would love to see it animated

Thanks elbriga! and yes, I was looking for a very cartoony shader and modeling :wink:

:yes: You’ve definitely got some good visual humor going here … “yellow duct-tape” on her (thankfully, not “super-sized”) bodice, and so on. It’s a very stylized look, right down to the “plastic hair,” and I’d love to see her in a show.

She looks plastic … like an action-figure come to life. Terrific idea. Make a surrounding plastic world and put on a plastic comic-book story.

Great idea and if you could put a little sss in touch that look nice :wink: