Wonderful game project : need a 3d track with roads and hills

Hi everybody,

I am a developper and I made a great online car multiplayer car game view from 3/4 in the air.

I would need a great 3d track level with hills and jumps and short curves.

I am located in France and I wish to find someone to make my 3d level so I can have a great thing to start with.
once launched I will have money to pay the 3d artist I will work with.

Thank you,



some precisions :

you can contact me on : biz [at} coco.fr


Ever think of using google maps driving data and a algorithm? Drive ANYWHERE!!!

no I want a custom closed track with hills, curves and jumps.
please … I need a 3d track ASAP.


I could model a track, but what are you looking for? Actual circuit or some other environment? Landscape/city? What kind of hills and jumps, naturally formed or ramps? How much of the surroundings are visible, need to model stands, signs, lights, trees? And what kind of polycount, more detailed curves, or can it look a bit choppy?

Oh, and what about bridge structures? Would it be possible to have a track bridging over itself?

Hi nemo,
I would like a track completely different from the model shown.(I just downloaded it for tests).
I need a lot of curves , of up and down but the heights .
the model can be quite low poly (until 50 000 tris it is ok).
you can put bridges , cliffs and everything you like but there has to be fences or miniwall on the edges of the road for collisions.
the aim is to drive well and avoid colliding the wall which result in speed=0 and to push and collides other cars in curves and jumps.

you can contact me on my mail for any other info : biz [at} coco.fr