Wonderful Life

Here is my entry for the WC112, being a noob I find getting textures looking good very difficult :-?

C&C welcome.

It is supposed to be a reconstruction of the Burgess shale life forms.

I find this post pretty good :slight_smile:

The ‘horizon’ ought to be more distant, though. Very good use pf… errr… particles? for the plancton floating all around.

Shouldn’t your World color be more green than blue?

The only thing I’ll have to complain is the lighting. I find it not realistic, the trouble is I can’t ever guess what a realistic underwater lighting could be… Perhaps am I totally wrong about this :wink:

Waiting to see more of these life forms, plants and all… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, the plankton are particles. Usually with this much stuff floating around you shouldnt be able to see very far, I may need to tweak the mist values a bit. I will eventually construct more creatures because some of them are amazing looking creatures.

Nice dappled underwater lighting, maybe make it a wee sharper.