wondering about a possible tool ?

well well well…

i’ve been looking at other modeling software(namely 3DSMax)

and i noticed that MAx had this UV tool, im not sure what its called, but anyways here’s what it does:

you take 3 or 4 views of your model, and you save then as an image, and it kindof looks like uv mapping…so anyways, you take these views and export them as an image, and then paint them acordingly…so when your finished, the Software takes these 3 or 4 pictures and wraps then around the object and you get instant uv mapping !

i dunno if blender ever has(or will) get a tool like this, but i was wondering anyway…

(if you need further explanation of this i will try to find it again)

found the link ! after quite a while of link searching


You can do this in blender now, In fact env uses this orco mode mapping method to do his wonderful dinos. Visit env’s site for a tute:



yeah i read the tute looks interesting but how do u export the texspace like he does?

just simple planar mapping dude

im sorry how do u do that :expressionless:

thats so awesome !!!

ok…now, i don’t know how to apply different materials to one model…

It is in the docs:



but how do u export the texspace. i have never heard of that

yeah, i’ve gotten the multiple materials…but i have the same questions…how do i take the multiple views and export them as an image so i can paint them ?

what and how do you use planner mapping?

Just export a screen shot and clip the image to the texspace size in your image editor. Do this for all the views you want. You can map them as separate images or if you wish to combine them into one image in your image editing program you will have to set the offset for each view in the map input panel.


ohhhh okay. but how do u map it on like he does?

yes, well…i understand what your saying and all…but i don’t quite understand HOW to do it…for instance, how do i figure out the texspace size? and such things…maybe a detailed explanation on how to do this ?

sorry for the trouble

is the env tutorial your talking about the orco one? if so can it be uused in the game engine?

In the object buttons (f7) there is a button called texspace. Pess it and it will display the texspace in the 3d view which you can capture with a screen shot.

Leave your view images separate for now until you get the hang of it.

fudge, I know next to nothing about the game engine.


select the object u want and go to the objects panel and where it says Draw and Hook select the draw tab and press the TexSpace Button

hmm. well, i’ve gotten the image saved, but im having some trouble getting it to match up on my object now as a texture…