[Wondering and hoping...]More control over node materials real-time

Yeah, I am now thinking of how would it be to have much more control over nodes in real-time. Firstly - if I could be able to animate them, than it’d be good results. Yes - I can make lamps with unchecked diffuse and specular as animation holders and store 3 animations in them(color’s r, g and b channels), but this doesn’t always fit my needs and it is not effecient to blend between 2 textures like that when I want to be texture blending a boolean. In theese cases replacing textures would be well, which would propably be done through python. But I am really sad that it is not possible, hopefully adding “yet” at the end of the sentence…

adding object color that grabs the object color from the object it is applied to would be pretty cool, (so each object can look differnet using 1 material)

Currently you can use object color of each object in nodes, but that requires “probe material”. You need to have a shadeless material that uses object color in the object and use that material to get object color. This is not effecient. It would help a lot if we would have object color node, I really agree you with it. But what about uniforms? Can’t they be done for nodes?