Wonders if Kib saw just this post, from 18th of march ;) ??

(sten) #1

I found this browsing the web, we can do our own shirts.

Take a look at this:

what do you all think ?


(S68) #2


I might post that 9 cubes thing, pretty simple to print and might look good!


(Turkey) #3

Yeah, we could have the blender logo and the elYsiun logo on it.
they also have mugs

(kerosene) #4

that’s a pretty damn great service they provide.

(starting to design…) heh

keep blending,

(Jamesk) #5

Oohh… Pretty cool. This is the sound of my Blender station switching to T-shirt mode: ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+T {ka-ching!}

(dreamsgate) #6

I want one!!

(Turkey) #7

they should start seling t-shirts at this page

(Timothy) #8


I could probably sell around 10 yay!

seriously though,… I do think that there are too little people here to start selling products

(Turkey) #9

to bad.
I realy want a blender t-shirt

(sten) #10

Nice that elYsiun.com has an e-shop now !!

I wonders if Kib saw just this post ,
cause I can’t remember if any other person
posted before me about Cafepress.com

/ztonzy :o

(Timothy) #11

nope didn’t see this post before,

I actually saw cafepress in action on www.phpBB.com a place which I visit quite often.

(sten) #12

okey hehe

nice of you anyway :wink:

(acasto) #13

phpBB has a nice setup on their store there