You need to model what you think of when you think of: Wonka wiener!
The closest to my version wins!

other guy: wins what?

me: secret till end!!

deadline august 30!:stuck_out_tongue:

Ps poly limit 200000

Can we model anything that might be a wonkaweiner, or do we have to stay with what we think when we read it?
Cause I don’t want to model a large sausage with a big purple top hat and a purple coat.

To be rather honest, I would never want to model what popped into my head, especially not in 200000 poly detail.

why do I have a feeling there is no prize…

yg3d, you were close.

same here :no:

ok. contest over. stupid idea.

lol that was quick, i was thinking of a chocolate bar.

Too Bad… I had a great Idea! Oh Well!

If you want, you can still post here, but no prizes are awarded.

First thing that came to my mind was a hot dog with a W on it…

Mc thingy!!! You win absolutely nothing for guessing it!

I’M PSYCHIC! :smiley:

I wrote it in all caps! It corrected it! coolio!