Won't quite export properly

The game exports fine but when I got to play the game I get a black screen that turns to white then black again… How to fix this?

I think you’re going to need to provide more information to assist. What OS, what version of Blender, what graphics card, what blend file, etc. Have you tried a newer or older version of Blender? Have you tried exporting the default cube scene?

I am using the newest version of blender (2.7) and my graphics card is just fine because I am able to export other games. I am using Windows 7 home premium 64bit. And yes I have tried exporting a default cube scene but the game i am trying to export is much more advanced. I have tried 2.69 but it still didn’t work. I tried getting a new version of the export add on but still did not work.

If the default scene worked (it did, right?), then you might want to try simplifying your scene gradually until you can identify what the issue is. Is your camera set up correctly? Are you looking through it for the BGE (i.e. press the “Use this scene’s active camera and layers in this view” button, which looks like a plane with two chain links next to it)?