Wont render.

Hi guys, Im currently working on a project and am trying to render a scene in cycles and alls i get is a black screen with black images where the images should be, Everythings its all renderable, the camera icons is done and everything, Help?


Please supply a link to a demo blend file that shows the problem

This is from your screenshot:

The UV/Image Editor shows the output of the Sequencer (and not the render). In Blender you have essentially three “steps” that contribute to the final image:

  • Renderer
  • Compositor
  • Sequencer

Those are evaluated from the bottom up - in other words: If you have e. g. a rogue image sequence in the sequencer, it will override your render result. So - without seeing your .blend file - I would first suggest checking the sequencer and/or the compositor for anything that may block your render result from being seen.