won't save User Default

When I do a ctl+u I get a message saying:

“Unable to delete file. Failed writing defaults: can’t change old file. File saved with @”

wha? :eek:


are you using windows? Cause in mac, it has a different shortcut, but it also has a “button” in the add-ons menu (file/user-preferences), and down there, there is a “save as default” button.


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If that doesn’t work, reinstall it, or get the latest from graphicall.org.

hope it helped,


that’s not the source of the problem, i just got the same message when I want to save, when i send it in skype. Make a copy of the .blend, and use that with other programs

hope it helped,

still get the same message. And Blender doesn’t remember my most recent files. Guess I need to reload. =[