Woo my 1st ever finished game!(MAZE)

Its a maze…Its FPS style…Controls are

I want to add little traps…bad guys…Time limit…another level(maybe 3more)

I am a noob at making games…Even though I want to go to school for making games…Well making game models…

tell me what u think…Help would be cool too


Maze.blend (757 KB)

My first game was a fps maze too!!! The walls were checkered and the floors were too, it made me wanna puke. It was confusing because it disoriented you like crazy.

Mine was a third person maze, the character was a cone, had multiple levels, many obstacles. I couldn’t do the brick walls back then…
I didn’t know what bounds are.
Yours it’s more creative than my first game. I just followed a tutorial.

you probably followed the same one I did B3D… or maybe since your newer you used the one from the wiki?

I’m an oldskool member I used this: http://users.bigpond.net.au/blendage/pages/tutorials/tut6/maze.html

very old and outdated.

Time to be harsh on crits for new game makers >:D.

Nah not really, my crit is that vertices like these (see attachment #1) don’t do anything for you (except myabe vertex colouring, but thats not needed because of apricot) do nothing except nibble on the frame rate. So what you want to do is make a series of poly’s and tri’s and end up with something like this (see attachment #2) which uses a lot less vertices.

And also, multires wont help much on a mesh like that (for GE).


Great work!

Thats the tut I used [killer]!
and good job on your first game!

good job but if you’re going to add a time limit and stuff then I wouldn’t call it finished :wink:

Killer thats the Tut i used too

Thanks for all the comments…The reason i had Multires on was because it looked really crappy smoothed out…But i added textures so now its better

Thanks for all the help…

Any one know any tutorials on how to make a time limit??

Looks good so far. I’d add some textures and objects, maybe some pits to jump etc. Also something of a reward at the end of the maze, instead of grey. It might be fun if there was a little guy running around - third person, over the shoulder.

Thank You 3DME!..yeah i dont like the gray at the end of the maze…Ill think of somthing though

Thank you

For a time limit use a timer property, when that property reaches a certain time then have gameover pop up on the screen.

Do you know how to do realtime text yet?

heres a tutorial for real time text
yea my 300’th post

Killer, I used the one in the wiki.