Wood apartment

Hi all,
Here’s my latest project. Not all of it turned out the way I wanted it too. Some of the images I like, some I don’t so much. Still getting to grips with Vray and its many peculiarities I’m afraid.
As always, all the modeling was done in Blender, the rendering in Vray using Andrey Izrantsev’s exporter, which is getting better all the time.
This particular one shows initial support for instances in action.
Always keen to hear your comments.







Wow! This is absolutely amazing! But I wouldn’t expect anything less. Awesome job! Those trees are incredible!

Very nice! Love seeing photo real work… and I am still wondering if this is 3D or not… Great work!!

Excellent work…:yes::yes:

…the only fault(?) that I can find is in picture 3…

The reflection on the underside of the chrome thingummy above the sink(?), shows the bottom of the trees, but not the ground, its missing, the tree trunks just end…:eek:

P.S. The fruit bowl could use some bananas, or perhaps as its so close to Halloween a pumpkin…:evilgrin:

That is AMAZING!!! But ya I think you need to redo the 3rd render so that you have a reflection of the ground on the thing over the sink. Other than that, it’s perfect:)

I… Don’t believe it. That really looks photo realistic! Are you sure that’s not your apartment? Anyway, great work! I can’t at this moment think of any improvements right now, though…

Gallery work.

Damn near perfect, just change the reflection if you can.
I have to say i dont like the style of the room, but thats hardly a crit of your work. I just wouldn’t live in a house that has so much pine, and besides, whats the point of having all those windows to look close range at trees 5 feet beyond the window? How does that make sense?
5 stars though, welldone again.


Holy… holy… I can’t think of a “Holy ___” expression to discribe it!

Edit: Holy Lamborghini!!!



Wow… i have no words.

I like the couch with the shadows formed off the coffee table good thinking more work like that is realism…ha ha very intriguing aspect simple but still smartly built around things …small small
bits and potz…

Amazing renders, just wonderful.
Agree with YellowLambo, a tuto would be welcome :slight_smile:

Well done all around. In particular, the fourth one with the couch is quite brilliant in terms of lighting, realism, and general interestingness.

Great work as usual BbB,

How does the instacing work in vray?
Also curious, what program did you use for the trees?

Amazing work, like the others said, the 3rd image’s reflections could use some work, the apples also look a little like wax. Is there any sss yet?

Very, very nice. I think you’ve hit the lighting pretty much spot on, although the lighting on the couches in image one is a little hot.

But in image four, WOW, the lighting is incredible. You’ve hit the perfect balance between light and shadow, which I always fought with mental ray on when I was at my archviz job.

Keep it up!


I want to live there…how much?

Wow tht look so real, great stuff

Those images are bloody real!!! Great work…

The couch, the night scene & the vase.
These are my favorites from this set.
Truly Master Class work right there!

Thanks a lot, guys, for the fantastic feedback, and sorry for the delay in replying.
Some of the credits should go to Andrey, who’s worked really hard to build new functionalities in his script and has been very helpful in ironing out the bugs in the latest version.

padfoot7726; Dudebot13; wiiario; intel; pauloup; logunwhite321; blenditall; oberkibj; Slyporkie; poke; simpo; Meta-Androcto: Thanks a million. The feedback is much appreciated!

davidh7426; Jay_Dee_892; TheANIMAL
: Yes, the reflection in the kitchen is a glaring mistake. I did not extend the grass far enough outside the home. I remember noticing it and making a mental note of correcting it in post - then forgetting about it… This also explains why the reflections on the ceiling are whiter than they really should be.
And yes, Animal, this is A LOT of wood. Not to everybody’s taste, and possibly a fire hazard too :wink: But it’s modelled after a real home and the trees really do stand quite close to the window. I guess they must have a small garden…

YellowLambo; kala_ndo: No time for a tutorial right now, but I may have something better soon. I’m working on a new scene now (whenever I can free myself from a nightmarish Archviz job with a very difficult client). It will be an exterior, and I’m giving some thought to releasing the scene here. This way, people could look at the models and the Vray setting and test the scene for themselves.
If I can do this will depend on whether I can build the scene without using any commercial textures, which I couldn’t share. So far, I’ve only been using my own textures in this project so it’s looking pretty good.

tcrazy: The trees are a mix of 3D models (close-up) and 2D billboards (further away). The models are from an Evermotion pack I bought some time ago. They are very good but I don’t necessarily recommend them since each tree weighs up to a million polys (I’m using Vray and Blender 64 bits)…
If you look at the Vray/Blender Python thread, Andrey has just released a new version of the script with support for instances. It still poses some problems when using displacement, but you can download it and try it. Just make sure you keep a version of the old script somewhere because you might have to go back and forth between the two. In Blender, you just create an instance by making a linked copy of an object (Alt+D instead of Shift+D). This will create two objects sharing the same mesh - therefore limiting memory consumption. There is no theoretical limits on how many instances you can have in the scene, though there is obviously an impact on render time. One limitation is you can’t use modifiers on instances.