Wood dining room table and chairs

Only some minor tweaks to do and of course still need to turn the cushions into actual cushions, only spent about half a day on it.

Tips are always welcome!

Added leather effect to cushions, i might end up changing the shape of them though because they don’t look very comfortable to sit on, i could also do with scaling the leather down but looking better than before i think!

I think it look better now, You can select each chair at time to move the UV Unwrap because the texture is exactly in the same location in every chair, that will give them diferent appearance to each one. Maybe You need bump, a displacement for the wooden texture.

I didn’t think of that to be honest, it’s not quite finished yet anyway but I’ll certainly mix the textures up a bit because as you said they all look the same which they shouldn’t

Did you thought about the practical aspect of the design? You can’t put your feet easily under the table, because those rods are in the way. You can’t put the chairs under the table because they would colide. Also it seems that the furniture would be very heavy. It is no fun to have such heavy furniture.

As for the CG part: The renders look quite good. You should probably study the cushion shapes more - now they don’t look new but rather like someone sat on them for a loong time :slight_smile:

Just my two cents: the metal parts seem a bit too reflective. Perhaps dial up the roughness ever so slightly? I know polished steel / chrome can be very reflective but it seems a tad too much in my opinion, almost like a perfect mirror surface.

Conversely for the leather, I’d go for a bit more shiny material. Not sure if you’re going for a brand new look or if you’re trying to make the leather look a bit worn out but either way it could use a bit of reflectivity. Here’s an example of a very matte leather material, but it still has some slight reflectivity to it: http://www.jnmfurniture.biz/images/D/YS_2011_1_italian_leather_chair.jpg

To be honest, no i wasn’t, they were actually supposed to be a quick table and chairs for a kitchen scene i was doing but i ended up spending a little more time than planned on it as i actually started to like it more and more and then it just turned into an actual project and as for the cushions, i will be at some point changing them a little because they just don’t look right or comfortable

Yeah i did notice that so I’ve ever so slightly roughed it up, i just need to sort the seats out and then it should hopefully be finished unless i think of something else to do to it, which no doubt i will lol but at the moment I’m currently working on a little indoor scene which will be shared on here soon but once finished i will be getting this all done