Wood, grass, brick and Buzz Lightyear

First image is more of a test than a finished peice, but either way…


Full size here http://wave.prohosting.com/marx0187/DoorAndGrass3.JPG

Second is an old render I recently updated, made kinda quickly one night. Also, it’s modelled after some cheap fast-food toy, not the real thing so the hands are actually supposed to look like that.


Full size here http://wave.prohosting.com/marx0187/buzznew2.JPG

These are more practice/test images than artwork, so C&C is appreciated!

I like the BUZZ lightyear. Although it doesn’t compare to the Pixel one its a good one nonetheless.

The texture or colour on his armour is not that green i think. Its a big too bright.

Buzz Lightyear looks excellent, except his eyes

your brick wall and door look perfectly flat.

glass can go better and you forgot the beard hair

Buzz doesn’t have any beard %| %|

You forgot the eyebrows, too.

Buzz doesn’t have any beard %| %|[/quote]

I wouldn’t be so sure about that…


lol its a mole, not a beard… and uh why did u add the eyebrow part in my quote?? not that I mind… it makes me look smarter :smiley: