Wood is making me crazy!

Blender internal wood textures are causing so many artifacts that I can’t seem to use them. For example, in this vid, in this vid I spent 2 days rendering in my off time because of all the raytracing but when you upload it, using every compression I can think of, the moire pattern from the wood overwhelms everything else in the shot!

I learned a long time ago to not use blender internal textures for NOR in any sort of animations unless they are almost perpendicular to the camera or else the speckle will detract you from everything else in the scene (with mipmaps off / since you can’t even see any NOR with mipmaps on).

Do any of you wise folks have advice on how to do subtle wood textures that work in animations?

Post a Blend with just the wood object.

we add the same problem in another thread
and theses moires patterns appear when using low res

if you render with high res it should go away

problem here is that if your using a compression this means you always get low res
so that’s a sort of catch 22 situation !

so hope someone can suggest something good to get rid of theses!

where is that mip map var in 2.5 ?

happy 2.5

I have an idea of how to do my own mipmaps but I’m not sure how to do it:

If I make a circular gradient texture laying at the top of the texure stack for the table wood and map it to the camera and could somehow use that to blur the textures beneath it then anything too far from the camera would be blurred. I’m not sure how to do this, perhaps I could make a texture node for this. Too bad its such a trouble since what we really need are adjustable mipmaps.

Also I’ll try to attach a minimal blend of the wood but its nothing fancy, just blender internal wood on a brown material. BTW this is a perenial problem, been here since I started with 2.42.

sorry for some reason deleting stuff isn’t making the blend smaller, can’t figure out why that always happens

Bake the bump by itself to a tangent normal map, then combine that with the color from the texture. I assume this is all worth the effort as apposed to using an image texture to begin with.

LOL no, you are right, a regular uv’d texture is certainly the way to go.

Any thoughts on some sort of a stencil to act as a blur to make artificial mipmaps? motion blur didn’t help. This problem is always present with any high resolution repeating texture, whether generated or applied: Blender’s mipmaps destroys nor unless the material is close to the camera and perpendicular.

High resolution procedural textures will do that. There are no way out of that. No post procesing will help either. Use an image map. This way, you will not only get rid of the aliasing but you have better chances to get a good realistic wood texture.