Wood Plane

(Tamarin) #1

Hi all,

I just finished a low poly model of a wood plane. The model is 2981 triangles and has a 1024x1024 set of textures. I set it up to render in Sketchfab. Most of the work was done in Blender with map baking done in Handplane Baker. If you haven’t tried the software - you should, it works great. 2 things to remember are to scale up your Blender model to avoid artifacts in the bakes and always export into fbx - I had issues with the obj export.

(koots2) #2

It looks really nice. For the screw, I would have cheated and just looped the edges of the thread, I am wondering, if you did that as well? I couldn’t tell, but I think so. The whole things looks great.

(Tamarin) #3

The screw is just a textured cylinder. It is a high polygon mesh detail baked into a texture.


(JoolsMcFly) #4

Saw your work at polycount, good looking stuff.

Btw, your site zenchuck.com is down: “This server does not serve the host you are looking for.”

(Joey Blendhead) #5

Wow, great work :smiley:

(Chaos Trip) #6

So amazing. I honestly thought it was a photograph at first look.

(wellerankanto) #7

Flat-out gorgeous. It’s plane to see how talented you are at this. :smiley:

(TomTalented) #8

Excellent work! It looks incredible especially considering it’s poly count, 5 star work without a doubt!

(orangic) #9

Looks really cool! You did the texture very good! I love how you took the simpel form to something realistic

(Qvarsken) #10

Excellent! I would love to see a render of that model

(Trys10Studios) #11

I have put too many hours in with one of these making my guitar lol. Looks really nice.

(1D_Inc) #12

I bought Handplane a couple of days ago, but didn’t used it yet)

(Akshit) #13

That texture on the screw <3

(svankirk) #14

Really nice work!

(Rekov) #15

The knob is really cool looking, and I was hoping you could give me some advice for baking that kind of detail down onto a cylinder. When I’ve attempted stuff like this, I get wobbly results because the high poly version is ‘rounder’ than the poly poly version. Correct me if I’m wrong, but with that kind of detail, you would break the curvature of the high poly if you tried to adhere to the geometry of the low poly instead of making it fully round.

(pcgamebeer) #16

so fascinating

(MutenRoshi) #17

Amazing level of detail!

(maije) #18

Hi there!

I was a bit corious about HandPlane Baker and I’ve just checked its main website. I’ve seen that the model used in the web portrait is this same model, so congratulations if you are not from the HandPlane Baker’s staff!! I’ve seen as well in the promotional video that the modelling was made in 3DMax and ZBrush, but I’ve seen no Blender work in that demostration :frowning: Is it a mistake? Somebody did the exact same job using other softwares? I’m checking that maybe you only exported the *.fbx in Blender and you opened it in 3DMax, but nope, it was a *.max file, so I don’t get why you saved your file in that extension.

Thank you in advance for clarify these points and great job in any case.

(Tamarin) #19

You are right - someone else has also modelled a handplane in another software. The model you found online is not the same mesh. You can turn on wireframe view in Sketchfab and if you flip between that and the model you have posted above - you might distinguish some minor differences.