im going to start on a short film soon (God willing) and i just have one problem (for now :D) that i’ve run into:

i want to animate a character splitting a piece of wood in half. the problem is that i therefore need to split the texture and the mesh without having any cracks beforehand.

the only solution i’ve come up with is that blender 2.42 includes a “creation” keyframe-type. :stuck_out_tongue: that would be kinda nifty - animating the creation or destruction of geometry.

oh, and put the emphasis on short. don’t laugh at me :o

edit is the current beta for 2.42 reliable/stable enough to work on projects with? because “select linked” is kinda buggy now.

I don’t see why you couldn’t do it. it’s easy to match texture fron two object with the same material. you just need to place the texture space at the same place. Or better, use UV texture.

Fo the animation:
Use a mesh with the wood already splitted and rig it, so when your character split it you can animate piece of wood cracking everywhere.

ok, i’ll try UV.

im not sure what you’re saying with the animation part though…are you saying use two objects? would i be able to do that seamlessly? i think im going to have a close-up shot so it has to look like it’s one piece of wood.

i might try boolean to get them exactly lined up but i don’t like using that.