wood texture by wood type

hello there all

can u help me , where i can find a good clean and large texture
of “soft maple” wood

i looked in cgtexture
but didn’t find and the wood is not by type

also images google didn’t give enough results ,and also the images license issue

thank u

I think the approach many Blender users would take might be to find a reference image of ‘soft maple’ (or find an actual object in their home or office), and then create a procedural texture using blenders built-in noise models and layering techniques which matches the reference.

Alternatively, there are available on-line material libraries created in blender by folks who willingly share these resources. Go to http://matrep.parastudios.de/ and perform a search using the keyword ‘wood’. Find a material which most closely matches ‘soft maple’ and download it. Open it in blender and start tweaking the values until you arrive at something that works.

If you want to use seamless images there’s the free to use Wood Workshop from Spiral Graphics (Windows only) - http://www.spiralgraphics.biz/

Maple is in the presets; generate what you need.

well thank
sorry it take me time to answer
i wanted to make sure i understand what your meaning

so making texture is another specialty and i must learn that to :frowning:

i have a texture that i found over the net
witch i dont know her license ,but the texture is very good
(see attached image)

my question is can i generate a texture good as that
using blender ,Wood Workshop or some other software ?


wood workshop can make some pretty good textures, same with mapzone

edit: replied to your pm, sorry to cause confusion
wood workshop is very easy to use, mapzone is more powerful, but more complicated

hey all thank you
sorry it take me time to answer
i got the point about missing textures
i just wanted to mass around with the application before replying

@spacetug : can you give a link to the " camera [/sarcasm]" application

Hi Shay Tessler,

I think the application is here:

Kindest Regards,


yes i see mapzone in his message :slight_smile:
i didnt understand what is “camera [/sarcasm]”
i will send him a private message