Wood texture on edge

Hello Everyone

I’m new to Blender but not 3D. Mostly I use 3D to make elements for my graphic design. I am working on a website and need to have a wood table edge of sorts. I’m using a texture I created a long time ago to use in Strata Pro. However I can’t get the texture to look right on the near edge as you can see. I don’t have much time to fiddle with this. Any ideas on the texture would be great, also on the lighting. This is just a background element so it doesn’t have to be perfect, but I wanted to take this chance to get to know blender better.


Best to do it with UV mapping. There are a number of tutorials, just check the list in general, and then if you can’t solve it, feel free to ask again.

or if you want to do it just like that try setting the texture map to a cube instead of flat, this can be found in matriels in texture panel

that’s a nice plank of wood is that