Wood textures.

Hi guys,

I’ve just started modelling a tree log and ran into a problem, I want the textures for the circumference of the log to be straight, but in the reference pic you can see that they’re curved instead. How can I fix this?


Wrap an image of wood or bark around it using a UV map.

for simple colour/texturing
use 2 materials.
First material for the caps, ends of the log.
Second material for the faces of the rest.

set a generated wood texture with rings to the material with the caps
set a generated noise, marble,… texture to the material for the sides

if the log is cut like a plank, you need another material for this faces.

If you go for high-resolution views, the tip using uv-unwrapping and image
textures mapped is the right way - but i go may go for some toon-like settings
even simple colouring is enough.

I’m already using UV maps, do you mean an ordinary photo of tree bark?

@test-dr: Thank you, I’ll try that and post back with results:)

EDIT: That worked beautifully Richard! Thank you for that:D Not quite perfect yet, but getting there:yes:


If you are too lazy to use UV mapping, try mapping to a cylinder too. That also works.

I may as well learn UV:) BTW does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this log to look photorealistic? For example, I want to make the surface rough so that the edges of the log will be uneven. And if you look at the lines along the wood grain you can see a definite pattern, how do I get rid of that and make it random?

You can either use an image as a texture (finding nice pictures of bark is easy) or combine multiple procedural textures in your material.

Bark: I’d try adding a stucci texture and apply it to the normals, and set the Normal slider high, somewhere around 5, you want a good roughness. Depending on the kind of tree you’re thinking of, the proper texture will vary, but in any case bark rarely looks polished. You may also want to edit the cylinder’s shape a bit, because the nor texture won’t change the outline. Unless you want your bark to look wet, reduce specularity too. A grayer colour would also be more realistic.
Ends: The texture looks nice, but bark and wood are rarely the same colour, so I’d make it lighter, a slightly yellowish beige can’t go wrong.

Thanks MatanteDodo:) It looks way better now! I think I might make the log ends a bit sharper…


Added bumps to the log ends:) Does anyone know how I can tone down the seam between the circumference textures and the log end textures? The difference between the textures look too obvious:(