wood tutorials?

(cleverfool) #1

anyone know any good wood texture tuts? for tables and such?

(Spin) #2

I recommend using wood texture images, but I am not sure what your goal is, like learning how to manipulate procedural textures in Blender to simulate wood.

(cleverfool) #3

yeah procedural tutorial like tell me what settings to do and stuff so I get the idea

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(cleverfool) #5

thx thats perfect

(Modron) #6

there are two main things to remember when making wood textures:
1-use colorband
2-adjust the X and Y size in materials.
3-if you are feeling lazy just use ‘wood workshop’ to make a tiling image texture.

(Test Monkey) #7

Also, check out this seamless wood texture maker. I think it’s pretty cool. FREE too!!!


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