Wooden Chair Critiques needed

Here is a wooden chair that I did from a concept sketch for a project I work with. This particular project had a lot of work with curves that I have never done before, so I learned some things. Comments and critiques very welcome, but if possible, suggest ways to fix the things that you point out - I need to learn a lot yet



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Looks nice.
It may be my screen, but I do not see much of a grain in the wood.
A light grain is there in the cross bars on the back of the seat, not nowhere else.

Still, very nice

The form of the chair is nice but I feel like it’s getting lost to a lack of good lighting and materials. Maybe try removing the cusion, adjusting the wood material with something more realistic, and fixing the way the chair interacts with the floor-it looks like it’s almost hovering.

You might also want to check the scale/proportions of the chair. The length of the arms, back, legs, etc should look as though it could fit a human. Right now it looks like a chair for a dwarf or something. I could be wrong but it’d be worth checking your dimensions against some standard chair specs.

That’s my two cents. Take em with a grain of salt. :slight_smile: good luck!

You model looks good, I like the form that it has but I will definitely work on the wood texturing and the position of the light.

If I was a woodworker I would think about the finishing of my material in this case, is it glossy, matte, or no finishing at all? The light in your model looks like its hitting just paper. You can’t really see the bumps or the texture of the wood. To fix this I would use the Principled BSDF shader in blender with the use of normal maps and reflections. This would help create that “realistic” wood texture. If you don’t know how to use nodes and the shader you can find a tutorial on youtube by Andrew Pierce. (Blender Guru)

I don’t know what kind of project this wooden chair is for but if I were going to show it to a client or to someone I would think about how I’m presenting this model. I would look online for references and at the same time look at the lighting of the scene. If you want a more realistic scene always consider that theres always different sources of light coming from two or several directions.

I would also use some other objects next to your chair so there is some kind of scale. Is this for a giant or a hobbit? Lol. You might not have the time to model each object but you can always use free models online to “fill” up the scene but don’t clutter it too much or it will take away the main focus which is your chair.

I hope this has helped you in anyway, Good luck.

Hey Hyun!

Thank you for your excellent input and for honoring me with your first post – welcome to our community – enjoy and learn there is so much here


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