Wooden Diplodocus Model Revisited

Wooden Diplodocus Model

1280x960 Yafray


This is a considerable improvement in lighting and texture from the previous version I did a long time ago. I took the time to figure out how to correctly use HDRI images for the mood and the lighting I wanted (tutorials and messing with the different Yafray options I am learning to use properly). I improved the wood materials. I’m especially glad with the table surface. The slight bump (which is best seen at the front right leg area) adds a much more realistic effect. I did not change the mesh because it is the exact reproduction of the model I have (i traced out the pieces in Blender so if you dont like the model go tell the company who makes those things :D)

Absolutely excellent work. I think that this works deserves a place in Blender gallery. Thumbs up.

Thanks :D. Its a good idea. I am submitting it as we speak (eh type :wink: )

This an excellent work ! no crits, just keep it up …

as i look at it, something in the back of my mind says its missing something. i think because the scene is full of detail, but there isn’t much there (aside from the excellent model :smiley: ). oh, i dont know. the only problem i can see is that set-smooth>auto smooth isn’t on so you can see the polygon-ed ness of the pieces.

nice work :slight_smile:

wow so real!

My brother has the T-Rex version of that model.

Very realistic, but the ground is pretty shiny.

Beautiful work – nicely textured and modeled. A more prominent shadow might pop the model out a bit more, though, and add a sense of contrast. Really like this scene, however…

man, that’s just wrong.
I posted my version of the exact same model, and i got one reply, saying “Is that balsa wood?” :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO the wood looks a little thick around the head.
Good work!

The lighting is rather dull. It’s dark with little contrast. Also, the wood is too shiney. Still, it’s a good model and a nice scene and it looks good, I think you just need a few slight tweaks.

Thanks for all the comments. I might consider adding a spot lamp to create a more distinctive shadows (rather than just a HDR map). It seems the smoothing of the pieces disapeared in some of my tweaking of the model (it was smooth before. I’ll have to check on that). Thanks for pointing it out.

StrikerMunc, I searched for you thread so I can compare the two models. Yours is not bad at all. On the other hand I feel like the pieces are too thin :P. Sorry to hear you didnt receive as many comments :(.

Some of you guys might remember this model from about 7 months ago.

Tuturial on how to model a similar balsa wood model:

Since i enjoyed making this model i decided to make a tutorial on how to built it. It should work even if you have a different model too

Making a Wood Dinosaur Model (or other model with similar pieces)
1-Scan your pieces. Here are the ones for my model

2-Set these pictures as a background image in blender
View-Background Image

3-Trace the pieces using Control-Click to manually add vertices. I recommend enough vertices to keep the shape rather smooth and flowing (depending on your model of course). Once you traced the general outline of one piece, create a new object and do the second piece. This might take some time depending on the number of pieces you have to model

4-Once you have the outline of your pieces, extrude them to the desired width. It should all be the same as normally all those pieces came from a pair or more sheets of wood with pre cutout shapes.

5-Well, now assemble the different pieces (they are independant objects so it should be rather easy) in their appropriate place. (in this model there as slots for you to slide the pieces in. Use them to your advantage even if you dont need them in Blender cause there is not gravity…)

PS:There are pieces missing in the scans as i have lost them in the mess of my room so just make duplicates and change the shape a bit and put them in the required slots that are empty (told you it was worth modeling the slots)

6-I recommend parenting all the assembled pieces to an empty
Add an empty, select all the pieces then the Empty and press Ctrl-P
Now just move the empty to move the whole model

7-Add a simple plane with the texture you want. Texture the model with a simple wood texture (try different ones to give you model a different look)
In this case use a good HDRI image in Yafray for the lighting (the mood of the picture will depend a lot on the image you take though)

Good luck


well, its nice, but I do have a few comments/crits on these. The model seems sound, well textured, etc, but the rest of the scene worries me. The floor textrure is really detailed, but the model is standing on a crack, and it looks like it’s not quite touching the floor. Great work though.

XrQLz :wink:

That is awesome modeling and texturing, great job.
But I have 2 crits: I see no shadow. I think it would look good with a shadow on the front right side, the dino’s left. Just from a composition point of view.

And, it looks like the feet aren’t on the ground, I think because of lack of shadow.

I can’t wait to see this one polished.

  1. Turn on autosmooth
  2. Bevel your edges

otherwise it’s nice, even if the scene looks a little flat.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions.
update post 1
I have added the shadow as suggested and tweaked some other things.

Some more tweaking to the image. I think I am going to call this one finished and let it rest. Thanks for all the usefull comments and critiques.

Pretty cool! Time to fire up the new 2.40 armatures and put this dude on a (mini) rampage!

I’ll have to clean the mesh before I consider animating it but it sounds like a interesting idea. I have yet to examine the incredible animation improvements that 2.40 offers but it sounds like a good idea.

Grat work.
I have a similiar idea before 3 weeks ago :slight_smile: But iam so lazy…
I have only traced “bones” with “Bizerius” curves. But i have problem wuth width of some pieces - with same width one is thinner or fatter than others. :confused:

I am in the process of building my website and I just put up my tutorial on this model (see ealier in the post)
(blender->dinosaur model)

or if you just want the full page but without the menu and such: http://slepnyrl-studios.atspace.com/DinosaurModel.htm

How do we get our tutorial listed on the Blender tutorial lists btw?