Wooden House

Hi all, this is my latest work on architecture rendering, rendered in Cycles and post processing in Photoshop

Hope you enjoy… :slight_smile:

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Nice. I like composition and mood.

beautiful,harmonious with the surroundings.i like the trees,how were they modelled?

Some ies lights on those stairs would set this off.

Thanks man… I want to add more render later on…
please visit my website to look anither tutorial bout archviz rendering

Oh is that your way of telling me politely to stfu? lol Very impressive site.

Hi BrentNewton…
Thanks for your comment, In your opinion I should reduce the lights off those stairs on what scene…? Day one or night one ?

Haha… Thanks ! I just want to share something… :smiley:
yeah i know that little bit about ies lights, and thanks for the links… :wink:

nice job brother i really like it :slight_smile:

First Bintang I always love your stuff:P I only have one comment…whats going on with the tree trunks? I don’t see any bark texture there. They seem far too smooth and uniform in color. If nothing else at least for your portfolio you should get a bark texture on there and re render these shots. I know its work but then it would be complete:P

Thanks Derek :slight_smile:
actually the tree trunk has a bark texture… but in this shot it can’t see clearly… maybe you have a suggestions how to make it more clear…

mas bintang bikin rumputnya biar keliatan tebel pegimana? tiap saya coba tipis melulu keliatannya

I think you should play with texture mapping there. It is way too stretched.

Ya I think that’s an easy fix. For some reason I always have to do some UV scaling when unwrapping a tree trunk. If you shrink it on the x axis in the UV editor quite a bit you should get a lot more detail. Also you can consider separating your trunk and adding a sub surf and displacement texture that way is doesn’t affect the entire tree just the trunk.

Good luck:)

Beautiful render! Only the rock seems to look a bit odd… But it’s still awesome (^_^)

Simple Awesome!!!

This is great man!

I like it. Nice scenery. The house is bit humble and could be a bit bigger for my taste. :slight_smile: