Wooden pair of goats

A wooden pair of goats. Shaded with a procedural wood shader, then baked to 4K textures. Goats are made with polygon modeling.

More images on my artstation profile.

If you are interested in, the model is available on blendermarket.

Thanks for watching!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Great work and the wood looks great.

I am curious, what is the baking of the procedural doing ? Why you need to bake them?

Ooooooh so cuuuuuute ! I love these designs, they’re so sharp and simple ! Would be nice to have a “posed” one as well, head to the side or something.

Excellent work! So simple structured and so beautiful!

Wow, Great news! Thanks!

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Hi Bruno,
i baked the textures, so that i can use the model in other applications, because i sell the model on blendermarket and cg trager. I didnt want to sell the procedural wood shader, because its a separate product.

Would do for a fine line of wooden ornaments… I’d like a couple for my dining room…

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Rly love this render :smiley: stellar work!

Nice work. Curious about your process - are these modeled after a physical object, a sketch, or did you create the concept entirely in Blender?

scyg, the model is done entirely in blender, just polygon modelling.

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Would you be willing to share the shader, or some shots of the node tree?

EDIT: ahhh, just saw that you are actually selling the shader on the market (I am assuming that is the same shader?). Sorry for asking for a freebie, I didn’t realize!

Also, that milk shader on your art station is top notch!

Simple, yet fantastic work :slight_smile: