wooden planks

ive started my first arcitctural build.
This is how far ive got, i know im not finished yet, but i want to get the wood material right first. the planks are currently one object but should i have them seperate?
How do i get them to look like this?

you got horizontal and vertical planks here
so you need 2 objects or 1 object with 2 material and then
you can mapped some nice plank pic from Cg texture
now you could also UV map theses planks too

but it’s up to you


I’m kind of new to materials and textures, but I’m pretty sure you could add in a black and white striped texture (vertical or horizontal… depending on which way the planks are going) and then under shading (f5), in the ‘map to’ tab, deselect col and select nor. Fiddle with the nor value until you get something you like. You’ll have to fool around with the size of the image as well to get it the right size for your planks.

Well, I tried what I just told you to try, and it didn’t turn out so nice. It’s kind of hard to make stripes the right size to fit with a plank texture. So if you want that nor value on your texture, then just use the plank texture you already have and select col and nor. But this kind of looks wierd because if I’m not mistaken, nor only works with specular. It kind of fakes glares on something flat. The wood you want isn’t very shiny anyways… so maybe just leave the nor alone.

Just do what Rickyblender said to do.

WoodWorkshop is a free software that makes tiling board textures, and they are pretty nice, too.