Wooden room

This could be finished, but i could do more, but anyway here it is.
One question, does anybody know why it looks kind of fuzzy/not real sharp?
It was rendered with blender internal, but it took about 3 hours to render, which is kind of
long for a relatively simple model.
would it work better to render it in another program?

My advice would be to just forget the internal renderer, and use Yafray (or something better, if you can put up with integrating it).

Well yayfray doesn’t seem to make much difference, i guess i just don’t know how to use it. thanks for replying!

internal is fine if you know how to use it. As for the fuzziness, change the pixel filter (render buttons) - it’s probably on Gaussian. Mitch should do a much sharper job.

link appears to be broken, but it may be my college network

Are you using an area light? Ray mirror? Depth greater than 2? Ambient Occlusion? 20 samples? What does your mesh look like? 3 hours is a long time for a BI render. Your lighting and rendering set up would have a lot to do with that. How did you set it up? There may be a way to get the same results without spending all the render time.

Might be my college network as well, I cant see anything either :frowning:

Sorry if you can’t see it, it’'s a link from facebook does that make any difference?
Hey Orinoco, i’m using area light 10 samples and a hemi light inside, and here is a screenshot, showing rendering settings.
Hope you have good eyes, sorry it’s so small.

Change the 512 to 64.

Here is the latest render, it only took about 40 minutes to render.http://photos-530.ll.facebook.com/photos-ll-sctm/v155/114/57/731531530/n731531530_484461_7815.jpg