Wooden Shield

Game Asset Modeler - Skyast
Here is a render display and a 3D view display of the Wooden shield i have created. At the minute i’m happy with how it looks but i think there’s room for tons of improvement. This shield is supposed to be a basic wooden shield that would be used in the start of a MMORPG etc etc. What can i do to get it looking more like a shield/ready for game use. Any helps will be appreciated, thank you!!

Also just quickly modeled a spear since i was bored ^^!

Can anyone help me with this?

I think that the texturing of the shield isn’t really realistic. Try out a different texture, and try adding normal maps or bump maps.
Adding some metal edges or details might also help? Currently the “decorations” on the shield don’t look very realistic. Try searching google for wooden shield to get some inspiration?

this looks like a shield you use at first on skyrim, i say you use metal edges around the decorations, as many shields used throughout history weren’t just one material

good modelling though, you got a good base model there, keep it up.