Wooden Still Life

Hey, people!
Here is a little still life that i’ve been working on…


i find the uvs are mapped wrong or maybe thats the way you wanted it thats the only crit i got for it

Please anmisto, be more specific about problems “the uvs are mapped wrong”. that isn’t being a critic.

And personally i think it’s a nice image (not my “type” though) just needs a bit more work with definition, eg. those (plants?) seem out of place. And i completely disagree with anmisto, the UV’s are mapped fine i can’t actually see at all what he meant by that comment…

@ anmisto
what would you suggest?

@ Wefyb
thanks, actually those ‘plants’ are supposed to be wooden pine-apples… (I know, they really don’t look like pineapples, but I’ll try to fix that as soon as I can, meanwhile, I’d like to hear what the guys think about the lighting, contrast, shading, reflections, etc.


I think it’s a nice image. The lighting is pretty good, and the objects are interesting-looking. My only crit is about the wood textures in general:

  1. The bump map seems to me a bit too strong (like on the front apple)
  2. The specular is a bit too specular-y :slight_smile: However, that could be balanced by toning down either #1 or #3
  3. The color of the wood is fine, but depending on what type of wood you’re trying to mimic, it might be too brightly colored.

I think the logical of the UV is matching with the wood fiber concept.

My question is do you want to represent:

1- An image of some <b>wooden sculptures</b> of fruits
2- An image of real fruits "<i>magically</i>" turned into wood.

In the first case, the fruits should look hand made, stylised and related to the tools used (fictionally) to carve the fruits.
So the leafs of the pineapple should be more hard and geometrical (like carved with a chisel)

In the second case, it should be photorealistic modelled fruits with a wooden texture. In this case you should emphasis realism.

I prefer the first option, for artistical and technical reasons. But it’s your choice :slight_smile:

@ Benny_Flex
Thanks for your brilliant critique…
It so happens that this still-life is stictly a Blender still life, and as everyone here knows, anything is possible in blender:-)
but if this were not a Blender still life, I’d say these were man-made.

@ Andreu
I lowered the bump maps on the apples, and almost entirely removed the specular hilights on most of the objects.
Let me know if I’m on the right track



Yes i vote for “man-made”. Maybe some irregularities should appear in the textures so.
Maybe you can change the table color, to make the silouhetes pop out.

i take back my words i think its fine i understand what you wanted to achieve

maybe you should use a external renderer like luxrender or octane

@ Benny_Flex
Thanks, I’ll post one with a different table color as soon as I can, (render time for this pic was almost an hour, but I don’t see why it can take so long.

I have never used luxrender before, does it work well??


Guss One hour, it is so long! I can’t tell you about that.