Wooden Tower

Hi all, I’m new to this forum, I wanted to share with my recent WIP, The Wooden Tower, made entirely in Blender (no Gimp or PS). I have problem with adding more randomness to my texture, especially on bigger planes (the camera angle is set up to make this unnoticeable :P). The problem is that I have planks 2,0m x 0.20m next to each other (done by array modifier) so the share the same UV setup. Any ideas how to randomize the mapping a bit, I know there is a node in the materials section that can be used to randomize some mapping, but I don’t know how to use that every plank will be a bit different from each other (after applying modifier or before?), I could create of course +150 different materials assigned to each plank with subtle changes in mapping node but this would take forever to be made. There must be a faster way :slight_smile: Also I know the wood is too shiny, but in final render I’ll change this. Do you have any suggestions how to add more realism?