Wooden Train Toy

I’d love some critique for this image, I spent about 4 hours on this and its probably my most proud piece of work. Im only 13 and have been using blender for 2.5 years.


seems to look good, however, change the position of the camera, you can not see much …

Thanks for the heads up! Im re-rendering as of right now!

Here is the updated version

That is a fun composition. I’m not sure what effect you are going for with the wheel materials. If it’s painted wood I think I might go with a different color. If it’s varnished or unpainted wood you might want to use a different material setup that uses a color map. I love the bump mapping. There is no mistaking it is wood. Also the hex nut heads may be a little unrealistic. Thing about getting a socket driver or wrench inside the hole. It wouldn’t fit. You might want to change them to screws or use a single nut in the middle.

Impressive. And you said you’re 13… Double impressive!!
In terms of critique, the inside of the wheel looks a bit too reflective. I’d recommend either turning up the roughness of the gloss or tweak it down altogether.
Overall it’s got a look of really fresh paint, but doesn’t look exactly wet. Kind of in the middle and throws off the realism of the wheel material.

Good! Now, play with the “f-stop” settings on the lens of the camera; also the “depth of field.” Notice how, right now, the engine appears to be bent. What we’d call a “fish-eye distortion.” It’s caused by shooting with a wide-angle lens, close up. Experiment with changing the f-stop to a larger setting (“zoom lens”) and positioning it farther away.

Wow! thanks alot, I’m really learning alot on this project. I’ll just finish off my interior rendering, i’ll then open the train and finish the small changes you have offered!

It’s looking very good already. I have two minor suggestions:
Paint often softens up the normals of wood. So if you blur your normal maps, only very slightly, I think you can get a more realistic look. If it is a used toy, consider adding soft dents from the toy beeing banged into other items.
Also, the bevel on the wheels are to sharp. Wooden toys usually doesn’t have these sharp edges. Make it slightly more round.

I didnt use normal maps (darn me!) I used a grey wood texture and added it to the displacemnt input in the output node in the material editor. I could blur the image though, that should do the trick. And I agree the toy should be a bit more battered about as its not a perfect world!