Woodland fairy

Hi guys, i’m working on this fairy.
The body is an exportation from makehuman
Render in cycles at 130 passes
I’m working also on the environment…

What do you think???

Looks great! Background image needs a bit of work though, it’s quite low quality, try applying a Gaussian blur onto it that way it’ll make it look like it’s defocused from Depth of Field, making the fairy look smaller and it’ll also hide the low-quality :smiley:

Thank you and sorry if I’ve not said before, but the background image is only that I’m using for environmental texture of the World.
Soon I’ll post also a render with the real background.

I added the environment.
Now I have to examine the lighting setup

That looks amazing, I can’t see anything left to do haha, great job!

She looks kind of gigantic for a fairy in that last render… maybe make her smaller or the background larger or give us some sort of reference in the foreground.

Otherwise, great. I’m actually amazed at how good you made a Makehuman model’s face look. I’m normally appalled by the result.

Thanks guys!!!
DorienVincent I’ll make a test with the fairy scaled :wink:

So if you want to push the image to the next level you could texture map the model, add some sss, and cycles strand rendering for the hair. Its a ton of work and your image already looks great so it would just be extra credit :slight_smile:

I’d suggest working a bit more with the tree that is closest. Imo it’s to straight at the bottom, if possible you could add some roots going away. Also I’d remove that blossom from foreground. It’s too bright and eye goes to it first. And those grass poles are to straight in the middle I believe. Consider that you can not hold the long ruler without it bending itself. Same applies to grass not only in the top but in the mid section as well.

P.S. I hope that my female model will look at least as half good as yours ;).
P.P.S. And it’s just my opinion.


Ehy guys thank you very much for your advices!
@dailerob: the texture of the model can surely improved, however I already use spec/occlusion/bump map and, for the skin the sss node available. For the hair, I followed the node setup in Andrew Price tutorial [revisited ;)]
@orux: I agree with you. Now the trees and the foliage are made with particle system. But for the foreground I’d use single and very detailed object, I think (also regarding the grass poles).
Let’s get started :wink:

@andrea.ailic Again imo, but shouldn’t the ‘selling point’ of the image be the midground object (in this case fairy). So it should have the highes level of detail. I might be wrong tho.

A little update. I changed the arragement of trees, flowers and foliage. And some adjustment to materials

400 passes

I guys that’s the final version… I think :slight_smile:
1000 passes and postpro for volumetric light

Came out nice, although the tree behind the butterfly could have a better texture. Nice job.

Yes, I had thought.
But I’m going to add some defocus, then I think I don’t have to improve that texture.
Thanks man!!!