Woodland [Stick Caravan] WIP


I’m making this woodland scene, and I’m about finished up with the nature part of it–the next step is to add little literal stick people, who will be in a caravan and transporting their goods along the path and up into the tree. =) But while I work on that, I figured it would be useful to get feedback on this part. NOTE: the background is not final–it’s just an image of mine that I’m thinking of using, and yeah, it’s currently a little too out of focus. Plus I still need to add a few elements between the foreground and the background.


What to say… you cheated, it’s a photo xD

What a nice idea. The grass and tree look very good, I think. Yes, the background is a little too blurry, but you already noticed this yourself. The foreground blur is also a little weird if you look at it closely - is it real DoF or post processed?
I’d also add a few trees/plants in the middle to make the transition from foreground to background smoother.
Other than that, there really isn’t much to say IMO; it looks great. I’m looking forward to your next update, those stick people sound adorable c: