woodmill normalmap test screen


im tested the new bumpmap/normalmap features of 2.42 game engine.
u can make easyer tangent normalmap with gimp normalmap plugin


and within blender:


u make your own mormalmap and try this new amazing features

and here is the new 2.42 demos:

Thanks for Great coders! :smiley:

***snailrose: Can i set for this normalmap shader somehow specularmap?



Have a nice day!


is this realtime ? oh my god that is smashing

Very cool indeed! :smiley:

yes, this is realtime on nvidia geforce 6600 gt :slight_smile:

Does it works “only” in 2.42 ?

Hmmmmm, It looks good, but something is weeeeeird

It’s like the details are there and then they are not… And the windmill has WAY to much spec on it, it looks slimy… Spec should be banned in most reguards, nothing in life is that specy unless it really should be or is rotting slime. Can you normal map the entire mesh ant not just the cloth ?? Or justr do a grey scale pass ? Just to see if the fake normaled details come through…

I want normal mapping aas much as anyone, but dont want to simply accept that normal mapping is in when it is really just half baked… Same goes for paralex

yes. i think, i try with 2.41 but it seems not work


This post was relevant to me Edem Thankx for the links! I am tryning to achieve this kind of effect in a landscape iam modeling.

About the slime look, if u set spec to 0.00 the problem will be solved as Youngbatcat said.

Have you notice something guys? In the 2.42 version looks like face shadows are disabled (F >>> light).