WooDoo Suzanne

Some stupid play with Normal and Halo…


lol, sad thing is, its blenders model so you cant sell it or post all of it under your name.
good for practise.
im not saying it is bad. its really good!

ionee–not true, because a) it’s been modified and b) it’s one of the primitives
same as a car, box modeled from the default cube :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t think anyone would buy it, anyway.

At the first - this is a shader and material preview,not advetising with commercional intent…
At the second - Suzanne is a mascott of Blender and lovely sweetie of every blender artist…When i use some skull modell, i have not expecting result…
And when you are right?..ok, I am guilty and vote for electrical chair…

That’s just plain wrong, he can actually do both of those :confused:

Anyway, fine material! I like the eyes too.
You should put it into a scene of some sort though,
it is a little empty right now. :wink:


It s about material , guys…Scene for this stock must be detailfull, a lot of shaman articles, bones, ropes, feathers…you know…I am not a concept artist from Blizzard, haha, but this material was delicius for send to this forum…

i think that it’s a really great material work. Can you post some settings? :wink:

very cool! kind of creepy. in a 3D computer generated monkey sort of way… :wink:

Nice compisiton

Nice, a little forest background may be nicer.