Woodpecker from Space

I am very happy about the result my hard work… It took me about 3 Month (every Day only a few minutes)

I hope you enjoy it…

The Film is about a Woodpecker who invents our Earth. In this Episode he has some contact to a computer.

I came to this film project cause i modelled a Woodpecker for the Blender Weekday Challenge (http://www.blenderchallenge.com/)

Maybe there will be another episode with an improved rig, cause i could not use the NLA benefits for this project, because the rig was rotated, before i applied it.



good job with the animation and effects, but the laughfing in the vid was pretty annoying

The laughing is yet only in the youtube link, because i haven’t update it there.

Try the Vimeo Link. :wink:

:smiley: it’s better without that laughing sound
i added it to my favorite, so i’m a fan of it now :yes: